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Fedora Unity Project Meeting Guidelines

by scott_glaser last modified Dec 10, 2006 02:19 PM
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  1. Modified IRC standard behaviour applies throughout
    1. No flooding, spamming, or bots*
    2. No simultaneous membership of other channels during meeting
    3. No abuse, ad hominem attacks, vendor-bashing, etc
    4. Keep on-topic
    5. Don't over-use or abuse private /msgs and /dcc sends
  1. Meeting-specific behaviour
    1. Signal your intent to speak or comment by typing "!" on its own
    2. Chair gives the floor (donner la parole) to each speaker by typing "chair gives sombody the floor." (ie no speaking out of turn).
    3. Withdraw a pending request to speak by typing "X"
    4. End you speaking with EOF to signify that you are done speaking.
    5. Raise a point of information by typing "!!"
    6. Raise a point of order by typing "!!!"
    7. Ask for clarification by typing "?"
    8. To vote yes use "+1"
    9. To vote no use "+0"
    10. Email/Usenet-style etiquette applies
    11. Avoid italics, bold, colour, ASCII "art", etc unless really essential
    12. In the event of a tie vote, the meeting Chair holds the tie breaking vote.
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